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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Right To Be a Freemason by Kevin Butterfield


My post today is NOT written by me, it is more of a sharing of an article written by Kevin Butterfield and relates directly to my previous postings.

Though I did expect some complaints and objections, I AM often saddened to read them when they come from a place of ignorance, ignorance being used in the form of "not knowing, or having knowledge of".

What is even more bothersome to me is that those complaints are typically only from mainstream Freemasons who object for any myriad of reasons, and as I have stated previously, double and at times triple standards are used and applied to any written material from me as an individual. 

So be it... but I will not be quiet just because someone who doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what is morally correct wants me to be quiet.

I will part for now, allowing those of you who read my blog to read the article written by Kevin Butterfield, who explained the situation very well from a legal perspective... Masonic and civil.


Raymond Sean Walters
The Twice Raised Freemason
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