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Sunday, December 20, 2015

What will you do, or not do?

If I AM to understand it correctly, for anyone to refuse to accept mistreatment of any kind doesn't roll with an all too common agenda of elitism. 

I have always maintained that "ism's" are dangerous to our society as any word ending in "ism" typically has or becomes negative. 

A few days ago, I was told that I shouldn't have used a curse word and was given some BS about what Jesus would/ wouldn't do... I don't buy that as my reading showed me that the man in the story detested hypocrisy and threw money changers out of the temple porch area. 

I would highly suspect he wasn't smiling when he carried out that specific action, and he may have said a choice word or two to further emphasize his action of overturning the tables and running them out!!! People need to stop living on Fantasy Island and believing in fairy tales. 

As always, those who seek to manipulate and control others are quick to twist reported events to their satisfaction and own benefit, even when it is diametrically opposite of what they claim they are reinforcing. 

So, in the end, I cannot concern myself with what a man reported to have been named Jesus would do, but I AM always responsible for what Raymond Walters will or will NOT do!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Power of Social Media

It was just brought to my attention in a meeting this morning that certain parties take a dim view of my decision to exercise my 1st Amendment right to free speech on social media... interesting in that the other parties have exercised their right to free speech as well in slandering me personally and having made false allegations lacking some pertinent facts.

The difference between myself & the other parties is that I posted what I know to be factual and true, while the other parties have participated in slanderous accusations.

Legal counsel informs me that free speech means responsibility, and dispensing truthful facts that one can back up to the best of their understanding.

My whole point is to never underestimate the power of social media, be it used for positive or negative propaganda purposes!!!

This last comment is for the person(s) that couldn't wait to share yesterday's post about the hospital... now go ‪#‎RUNTELDAT‬

The dichotomy of private prisons, education and oppression

I have recently been re-reading Carter G. Woodson's book Miseducation of the Negro. It is creating some different thoughts and views at my present age than I recall having when I was 20+ years younger. 

His comments regarding education touched upon the inadequate education that most Blacks obtain or are provided under the current education system. 

I mention the book as I have long had concerns about the educational system over the years; first from being a former educator (secondary-high school community college) and most recently in observing the inability of recent high school graduates or junior high school students that are inept and lack skills one would expect them to have obtained in their education to graduate high school. 

The comparison I can offer is my observation of many young (and older) Black men who are incarcerated that lack the basic educational skills one would expect them to have - jails are full of poorly educated persons. That didn't strike me as a mistake during the time I spent with those many incarcerated individuals. 

A comment from Monroe Lord Akhenaton (via Facebook):

What we also have to do is stop relying on "proper association". Some only want to build with the church. Some with the mosque. Some with them and never with others. That breeds competition amongst ourselves.

In business, competition always LOSES
 at some point. And not like a lesson in dues or the journey's lessons. Competition by nature is agreeing to winning AND losing.

DOMINATION, however always wins. Now, I'm not trying to conquer the planet. I'm first conquering myself so that I can have the strength to rid myself of so much ingrained BS. Sometimes, it takes a church, mosque, or temple. The endgame should be financial freedom.

I say this because as black people, it's our ONLY PROBLEM. If we're gonna agree to a world where time is traded for dollars, we have to figure out what wastes time, so we can actually work towards actual building.

But I'm not foolish to believe that I don't need money in this world. I NEED MONEY! Billions of not trillions. Can't help the poor of I'm one of them. Once my mind is clear of the employee mentality, what can't I conceptualize with my own funding? And if others have the same levels of money, what can't we achieve?

Pretty soon Into independently collective wealth, the evils of the world will have to face retribution from the empowered.

Get the prison size down to 3000 like in those Nordic countries. And that would be just one of the effects of an empowered mind. Money becoming non-powerful would also soon take place.

Change the culture of living to LIVING, and the need to be destructive, even as a means of expression won't NEED to be a thing......

If I make a huge enough Impact NOW, maybe in 200 years, the tide could shift.

Change for 2016

As I end this year 2015, the new year 2016 will bring some changes in writing topics and postings.

Freemasonry will no longer be a topic that will be discussed on this blog. Any who have followed me for any length of time will already be familiar with my stance or position on a number of issues.

The change comes about as a simple progression and new direction in my personal life. While I remain a Freemason, the last several years of membership have simply changed my perspective on what is important to me personally, even as a general discussion topic.

The remainder of 2015 will be spent with family and focused on career employment in this crumbling economy we all are dealing with. Please enjoy your family time and holiday celebrations (if you celebrate any).

I look forward to sharing thoughts and receiving feedback regarding future posts.


Raymond Walters

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reflection (A Masonic Memoir blog)

Years ago I was a​ little boy watching my grandpap, daddy and some of their buddies playing cards. There was always plenty of trash talking, whiskey sippin’ and laughter. This was the after work life of bricklayers who worked hard all day at their trade spreading mortar and pressing bricks into place, laying them bricks “hard to the line”.
I had watched these men many times ​i​n my young life but today was the first day I noticed something I had never noticed before. They were all wearing rings with the same exact design on ​those rings​. I told myself I would have to ask my daddy what the design was.
I never got to ask my daddy what that design was as I had gotten distracted like many young boys do, and before I ever thought about it again, my daddy was dead. I was 14 years of age, having only begun to truly learn my trade, the “family trade”, in earnest. That “family trade”, the mason trade​,​ had gone back to at least the early 1800’s in my paternal line and is ​often referred to as bricklaying, or operative masonry as I know and understand it now​.
I was to learn later in my lifetime that my daddy, my grandfather, and those men that I had come to respect during my formative years were all giving me life lessons, lessons to live a true moral life by. It took many years to actually learn my trade as a bricklayer, many more to understand the lessons taught, and a little longer to understand the symbolism they cryptically managed to conceal within those lessons they shared with me.
What I have come to value was that these men all gave me what had been given to them; a healthy fear of our Creator, a sincere love and respect of my family, and an appreciation for the trade that I wanted to learn (and that they were willing to teach me).
Over the last 25 years of my life as a member of the Ancient Order of Free & Accepted Masons I may have seen and experienced a little more than most of those who hold membership. While much of it has been positive, even the negative experiences have held educational or instructive value after having had time to digest, reflect and contemplate lessons learned.
It is these many learned lessons I AM compiling into my current work project. While I do hope that readers will find value in my shared work, this work has and is somewhat therapeutic for me personally.
See, I now not only have a good sense of understanding of who I AM as a man, I have a much better understanding of who my father, grandfather, and all male descendants before me were as men also. After all, I see them every day when I look into the mirror at myself.
I have finished the genealogy and historical research needed, and have begun the actual work of writing my first draft. I look to have this personal project completed and published by December 2016 owing solely to the fact that I have a number of other commitments and writing projects in progress as well for other Masonic research groups and genealogy societies I hold membership in.
I will continue to periodically post updates or thoughts related to my pending work on this blog.
Raymond Sean Walters
#PerspectivesOfAMasterMason​ #AMasonicMemoir

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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Who Really Are The Hebrews

Found this interesting, but always investigate for yourself and do further research

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Hedge Mason: Michael Poll and the The Supreme Council of Louisi...

With all of the current drama going on with the United Supreme Council AASR SJ Prince Hall Affiliation located in Memphis, Tennessee, this past research by Bro. Michael Poll of Cornerstone Book Publishers​ came to mind about another Scottish Rite Supreme Council... the Supreme Council of Louisiana AASRFM  

The Hedge Mason: Michael Poll and the The Supreme Council of Louisi...: This post is about the original Scottish Rite Masonry of New Orleans. To give it its correct name, The Supreme Council of Louisiana. It wa...

Friday, November 13, 2015

Letter of Complaint about West Virginia DeMolay

Greetings Brethren!

My name is Raymond Sean Walters, a member of Internet Lodge No. 9659 in Manchester, United Kingdom, part of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire and warranted under The United Grand Lodge of England.

I currently reside in West Virginia, a GL territory that is openly hostile to Africans, African-Americans and other non-Caucasian ethnicities, even when these persons hold Masonic membership in regular, recognized lodges and grand lodges that Grand Lodge of West Virginia is in amity and fraternal recognition with.

I myself have been and am still denied ability to visit (and have been for 10 years). While Masonic visit is a privilege, not a right; denying visit for un-masonic reasons, then being vocally belligerent about it while trying to start a fight with the potential visitor is equally abhorrent in my personal opinion.

It was such an event that caused me to file a formal complaint with Grand Lodge of West Virignia in 2005, which is what caused MWBro. Frank Haas to become involved as the sitting Grand Master of Grand Lodge of West Virignia at that time.

West Virginia is the Grand Lodge that expelled a Past Grand Master without Masonic trial or charges of any kind filed, and other GL's have sat back and allowed this to happen. In fact, PGM Frank Haas was just denied his third appeal for restoration of his Masonic rights and privileges despite it being 8+ years since he was improperly expelled, and 5 years since winning a judgement against GL of WV in a civil court that ruled GL of WV had violated it own regulations regarding expulsion of PGM Haas.

The purpose of my post today is to inform you all that this foolishness surrounding this Grand Lodge of West Virignia has been and continues to affect and impact young children - boys who have interest in joining the DeMolay program in West Virginia.

These boys were first directed to the Knights of Pythagoras program, a program which is sponsored by Prince Hall Grand Lodges, but the last functioning chapter of KOP in Weirton, West Virginia no longer exists due to the members having "aged out". With the demise of that program, DeMolay is a parallel program these parents and boys were encouraged to look into.

Just today, I filed a formal letter of complaint with the Executive Director of DeMolay International, a Mr. Michael Russell at the Kansas office.

Though I have no children of eligible age to be part of DeMolay, I refuse to stand by and watch young boys be denied an opportunity based on nothing more than physical appearance.

My parents raised and taught me better than that. As a MAN I have enough sense to stand for myself, and for those who can't stand or defend themselves. As a Freemason, my obligations dictate that I take action and stand on basic moral principles of fairness and equality.

I AM including the body of the letter I sent today

Raymond Sean Walters
Post Office Box 635
Weirton, West Virginia 26062-0635

Mr. Michael Russell, Executive Director
DeMolay International
10200 NW Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, MO 64153

Dear Mr. Russell,

I hope that all finds you well with the writing of this letter. 

I first attempted to call your office with questions and seeking guidance, and the young woman I spoke with gave me a couple of options to communicate my question and complaint to your attention as Executive Director of DeMolay International.

My first question was the requirements for membership for young men who may be interested in seeking membership.

Here in West Virginia, it has been brought to my attention on multiple occasions that young boys of African American or other non-Caucasian ethnicities are being denied consideration for membership in DeMolay International in West Virginia. 

This move oddly parallels the Grand Lodge of West Virginia's official "un-official" mandate that NO men of African descent or other non-Caucasian ethnicity be permitted to petition, affiliate with, or even visit any subordinate lodge under the Grand Lodge of West Virginia. These violations are being committed against members of regular lodges under grand lodges that Grand Lodge of West Viriginia is in amity and fraternal recognition with.

While I understand that the Grand Lodge of West Virginia does not control DeMolay, the advisors most typically are members of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia, a grand lodge where an atmosphere of coercion and intimidation to employ racist, discriminatory tactics is at hand and used on a regular basis within that grand lodge. These negative attitudes subsequently spill over onto other concordant, appendant or sponsored youth groups operating within this grand lodge territory.

My point I truly wish to make is that discrimination against adults is one matter that adults can address in a manner they deem fit for such circumstance; but open discrimination against innocent children is a completely different scenario that is and should be unacceptable, and just may be considered so by a majority of Masonic members worldwide, beyond my own personal opinion.

While I do hold Masonic membership in another Grand Lodge, I AM writing this email out of concern for the message of exclusion that has been and is still being sent by DeMolay advisors who hold Masonic membership in Grand Lodge of West Virginia. 

The current message being sent here in West Virginia strikes me as contrary to DeMolay standards and a gross violation of conduct expected of any Masonic member involved with advising any youth group.


Raymond Sean Walters
​Post Office Box 635
Weirton, West Virginia 26062-0635​

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Babylonian Mystery Religion/Kabbalah/Talmud/Gnostics/Templars/Rosicrucia...

I have watched this multiple times, taken notes, and am still reviewing this lecture that I have found interesting to say the least... will be back on this.

Friday, October 30, 2015

King Hiram: The Masonic Chief Architect from Crete by Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior

This writing takes students places they need to get to, but many of the current schools of esoteric study won’t get them headed in a proper direction or destination.
That system failure I have observed is often due to inadequate instruction, with instructors who are well versed in teaching the Masonic or other esoteric systems in such short supply today that it should be considered a travesty that matters have been permitted to erode and deteriorate the way that they have.
Please remember that there are 7 liberal arts & sciences. We as Freemasons are encouraged to study them all, and in that study it should eventually become apparent to any student of Freemasonry how they inter-connect and interrelate.
Also remember that advancement in Freemasonry, just as in life should be on true merit, not seniority or favoritism. As Freemasons we are to work diligently, learning and perfecting our “craft”, showing ourselves qualified for advancement, that peculiar mark of distinction bestowed upon us by the Craft.
I sincerely hope that you will all enjoy this writing by Bro. Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Masonic visit to Lodge Ad Lucem No. 812

On October 26, 2015 A.D./ 6015 A.L. I had the pleasure of accepting invitation to and visiting with WBro. Erastus Allen and the members of Lodge Ad Lucem No. 812 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

WBro. Allen and myself are both members of The Philalethes Society which is how we first became acquainted several years ago.

I had a wonderful time visiting and listening to the educational lectures, one of which was from a visiting brother from San Marcos Lodge in San Marcos, Texas. There was also another visiting Brother from California present at this meeting.

After the lodge was closed, we proceeded to a Table Lodge and had a joyous time fellowshipping and enjoying each others company with more stimulating conversation.

I would strongly recommend that if you find yourself in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 4th Monday of the month, find time to visit with these Brothers. It will be time well spent in my opinion.

Myself with WBro. Eric Cohen, Worshipful Master of Lodge Ad Lucem No. 812

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hidden Church of the Illuminati: A Review of Esoteric Tradition from Atlantis to the Present Day by Richard, Duc de Palatine

International College of Esoteric Studies Liber 71 

(posted to FB group The Liberian Compass on 8 October 2015 1600 hours)

Title: Hidden Church of the Illuminati: A Review of Esoteric Tradition from Atlantis to the Present Day by Richard, Duc de Palatine

Purpose: This writing expounds on and helps explain some aspects of Freemasonry Craft degrees, especially the degree of Master Mason, including aspects of the Holy Royal Arch Mason degree

Though Liber 71 (and others) can be found online, anyone not a Freemason will NOT see the connections or usefulness of this (and many other lessons) that come from the various esoteric schools/ traditions that Freemasonry has pulled its lessons/ teachings from.

What I have always sought to correct is the overall lack of Masonic teaching, coupled with the fact that there are so few teachers of the Masonic or other Esoteric teachings despite the interest by many who are on a spiritual path seeking Light/ Enlightenment.

It is my sincere hope that those who choose to read/ study this Liber will come to see the connection(s) and gain better understanding of Masonic ritualistic teachings and the important lessons contained therein.



Sunday, March 29, 2015

Knight’s Templar, Scotland and Mysticism with Hugh Gilbert

The 7 Chakra points are discussed and how the magnetic flows of the earth line up with those points and what planet lines up with that geographical point on the earth.

The names of the town/country of each point is named starting at 09:50 through 11:15; 11:15 through 12:40 he discusses the 8th point at a mountain called Schiehallion, and Adepts would have instinctively known to go there after completion of their studies in the previous seven points.

8- Schiehallion is sometimes described as the centre of Scotland. The justification is that the line of latitude midway between the most northerly and southerly points on the Scottish mainland, and the line of longitude midway between the most easterly and westerly points, intersect very near the summit of Schiehallion.

7- Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland; Saturn
6- Amien, France; Jupiter
5- Notre Dame, France; Mars
4- Chartres, France; Sun
3- Orleans, France; Venus
2- Toulouse, France; Mercury
Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Moon

It is documented that the Knights Templar had cathedrals and training centers built at all these locations, and used them for training new Knights, each Knight spending one year of training at each location.

Geocentric medieval scheme of the seven planets: In the centre "Terra" the earth. 

In the following circles (from centre to periphery) 1) Luna (Moon), 2) Stella Mercuri (Mercury) 3) Venis stella (Venus) 4) Sol (Sun) 5) Martis stella (Mars) 6) Jovis stella (Jupiter) 7) Saturni stella (Saturn) [1162 AD]

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Resources for Aspiring Writers

Lecturing on Masonic Writing

Reproduced here with the kind permission of WBro. John Hairston of The Phylaxis Society

Lectures on Critical Reading of Masonic Literature

          Reproduced here with the kind permission of Albert McClelland of WEOFM

From the website of Cornerstone Book Publishers

From the Foundation for Critical Thinking

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mystery of the Apron by Bro. Dennis Reel

The Mystery of the Apron is a story originally shared by Bro. Dennis Reel of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina and a story written by Jackie Bridges of The Shelby Star in Shelby, North Carolina.

I AM sharing the story on my blog as I found it to be very interesting. I hope you all agree.

Published: Monday, March 18, 2013 at 11:05 AM.
A Mason’s ceremonial lamb skin apron is a record of achievement – the badge of a Mason. The majority of Masons are buried with the apron around them or it is passed down to the family.
“A Mason knows where the apron is at all times and the family knows where it is to be able to use it at the funeral,” said Dennis C. Reel.
When an apron dated 1919 was found in a shoebox recently by the Masons at Cleveland Lodge No. 202 in Shelby, they called Reel to come and take a look.
The name written on the apron was H.C. Johnson and his lodge was Orient Lodge No. 395 in Wilmington.
“I’m a life member at the Lodge in Wilmington,” said Reel, who moved to Cleveland County in 2005. “I can visit any lodge in the world. They know I’m from Wilmington and that I visit a lot of lodges.”
Reel and the others are wondering how the apron ended up in Shelby and would like to return it to Johnson’s relatives. Returning the apron is important, because of the values of Masonry, he said.
“Free Masonry is not a religion, but we are religious in nature,” he said. “We believe in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. We teach friendship, morality and brotherly love. It is my duty to see that this apron is returned to the family.”

If Reel can’t find any living relatives, he will deliver the apron to the Orient Lodge and it will be displayed there.
On the inside of the apron is recorded when Johnson received his First, Second and Third degrees. To receive each degree, a mason must recite the catechism.
“The catechism is not written down, it is passed down orally,” Reel said. “For this man to have gone through all three degrees in 50 days is unheard of.”
With the information he had, Reel contacted the Grand Lodge and found out the following.
Horace Clifton (H.C.) Johnson was born in Fayetteville in 1895 and died March 25, 1956. He was married to Esther Dew Johnson, who died July 3, 1996.
He received his First Degree July 7, 1919; his Second Degree, July 18, 1919; and his third degree Aug. 27, 1919. He lived at 3919 Sweetbriar Road, Wilmington, and paid his dues for 37 years. His daughter, Georgia Symmes, died July 6, 1993. She had two sons, Michael D. Symmes and Patrick Symmes .
If anyone has information about Johnson or his family, contact Reel at 704-937-0639 or email

3-15-2015 Addendum by Bro. Dennis Reel for this blog page:  FOLLOW-UP

The apron belonging to Bro. Horace Johnson has been returned and a link from the news source in Wilmington, NC is provided.

There will be a follow up on my blog about this and other Masonic stories of interest and historical significance.

Until then, do the best you can with what you have got!


Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man
Twice Raised Freemason