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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Daily Thought May 31, 2014


It has been awhile since I have sat at my desk and had time to write a blog post. There has been a number of reasons for that, but I need to make better effort at posting more regularly.

As most of you may know, my primary topic is typically Masonic related, as I AM a Freemason.

Though topics vary, my pet peeve with Freemasons has been the level of incompetence I have observed, or experienced the negative end of by persons that I still wonder what selection criteria was used to admit them as members.

Over time it has become readily apparent that I have amassed a number of enemies within the Fraternity --- some due to my tendency to question, especially questioning things that are not right, and always questioning violations of the fraternity's rules and regulations.

Apparently, some persons who are selected or elected to membership have no clear understanding of Freemasonry's rules, not the limits to their power & authority based on whatever position they may hold in the fraternity.

Over 24 years of membership, I have seen good, bad and ugly... not an un-common occurrence in any aspect of life, but Freemasonry, nor its members are to be common.

It has been my understanding that we as Freemasons are to strive to become and act better than what is "common".

Therein has been a large part of the issue that I see, Freemasonry has become no different than the world outside of the lodgeroom.

If I (and other Freemasons) are forced to deal with treacherous behavior that is incompatible with Masonic teachings, and not even in line with worldly standards... where is this fraternity headed???

I do NOT have the answers, or any answers; I just have questions like many of you do also.

I will part for now...


Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man

A pic of the altar at Arts & Sciences Lodge #792 in Ohio.

Musim, Christian, Jew, Shinto, Hindu and what ever you would call someone who uses the Jeffersonian bible....all in lodge together.

Quite a thing of awesomeness, the way Freemasonry is supposed to be...

Arts & Sciences Lodge #792

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

“Forever Conceal, and Never Reveal” The “secrets” of Freemasonry by Bro. Gene Goldman

While serving my Lodge, I had occasion to call on one of our Entered Apprentices to ask about the reasons for his long absence from the Work. Like all too many men who join our Fraternity, he completed his initiation and then disappeared. He had several reasons; the demands of his business had picked up, some personal issues requiring his attention at home, scheduling problems with his Coach, etc. All these were valid, but there appeared more to this than he was letting on. After some more conversation the truth was revealed . . . he was concerned about his obligation, particularly about the penalties for revealing our secrets.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

Republicans Bring Back Child Labor On Tobacco Farms In The South

Republicans have yearned to abolish child labor laws since they were enacted decades ago because lacking the ability to force indentured servitude on people of color, especially in the former Confederacy, the next best thing is enslaving children as young as seven who have no redress except for an international organization such as Human Rights Watch exposing the hideous practice. 

Friday, May 09, 2014

Save the Merou Grotto in Lafayette, Indiana

Short Summary

Brother Prophets~!!!  Harken to the Call~!!!  Help is needed.
  • Merou Grotto M.O.V.P.E.R., part of the Grottoes of North America.
  • As many fraternities have aged, so has that of Merou.  But new membership has taken root and more brothers are bringing with it new ideas, new events, new engagement and a much needed new life.
  • Your contributions would enable the new members to purge the remnant problems of the past and push forward to a new future.  Improvements to the facility WILL bring more than just restored hopes, but it will also enable Merou to directly engage our community as we have only just barely been able to restart and do.
  • We are a 501C8 for Tax Purposes and are in Active Status with both the State of Indiana and US Government.

What We Need & What You Get
Some filling for this project :
  • Our current goal is $75,000.  This would accomplish two principle issues.  First (just over half of the goal) would be to purge the damaged tax records of the organization with the county.  The second would enable the Membership Board to improve key service areas making the Merou Grotto safer and more capable (access, restored facilities enabling us to then host other Not-for-Profits and their events, improvement of the Tippecanoe County Scenic ByWay along the Wabash River/North River Road).
  • Perks!  Merou Grotto is part of the Grottoes of North America (, and has been a long vibrant part of Tippecanoe County in Indiana for many years.  We are just starting with our Perks and Rewards, ranging from Collectible Shotglasses (with year of product), to Donations to our Humanitarian Foundation in your name (which are completely tax deductible) and even fully hosted events (especially good if you are in the local/regional area).
  • Funding goes towards (first) the expungement of the current Tax Bill with the County of Indiana, (second) towards the improvements of the facility and member grounds ... if monies are not reached in time, the funds will go towards the Humanitarian Foundation of the Grottoes of North America and other local-to-Greater-Lafayette charities.  The monies will go in that direction because the fraternity will live on and continue to do the work it must!

Making the Impact Count

  • Merou Grotto has served as a respite for many organizations and peoples to have a local getaway from the stresses of daily life.  Over the decades we have played host to collegiate rowing teams, multi-cultural events, fraternal charities, as well as a vast history in the Birthdays, Quinceanera, Anniversaries and of course Weddings and Vows thereof for countless newlyweds.  We are more than just an event venue ... our property is located immediately adjacent to the Wabash River north of the Downtown Core.  The several acres of forest on the hillside serve as homes for Brown Tail Hawks, Brown and Common Owls, fishing bars for Heron and Cranes.  In the past the Fraternity was able to be a joy-filled organization that did many great works.  It is now headed towards it again.
  • Our Future?  How you'd help?  Merou Grotto sits in the middle of the area directly targeted by the goals and projects of the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation.  As such, Merou has served as host for several Grass-Roots community meetings with the WRE Corporation.  We have already started our year with new projects aimed at directly empowering other local agencies to better serve their needs and thusly our community-at-large.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know times are tough, there are other ways to help than pure cash :
  • Please Please Please ... share this campaign with everyone you know.  Even if everyone were to only give a few dollars, but it was spread across a LOT OF PEOPLE ... it would work.  It would all work.
  • Remember folks, Indiegogo share tools!
And that’s all there is to it.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man: PRINCE HALL TEE AVAILABLE via


My shirt order arrived over the weekend. Thank you Br. Jay Young of Soulful Tees

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Grand Master's address - April 2014 - Freemasonry Today

Thoughts on Masonic Regularity by Br. Thomas C. Brooks



Br. Thomas C. Brooks

I suppose that it is much easier for those of you who reside outside of the United States to coddle the clandestine groups that exist within the U.S., because they simply are not your problem. You probably have not had any of them “sneak” into your Lodge meetings, and if they did … you were none the wiser. For those of us who live here, where there are more clandestine groups among African Americans than there are regular groups in the entire world, we are charged to me more diligent. 

I recall how a Mr. Rick Wells, of one of the “John G. Jones Grand Lodges” lied to Internet Lodge No. 9659 (UGLE), that he was a member of a Prince Hall Lodge in Texas, in order to secure dual membership in Internet Lodge. They took him at his word, pending final investigation and verification, and in the meantime issued him sufficient credentials to “sneak” his way into several U.S. Lodges, including the “Harvard Lodge” of Boston, as a UGLE Mason. 

Although the rouse was finally discovered, and although his fraudulently obtained membership was rescinded, it was not before he was able to obtain nice photos of himself standing in a Lodge of regular Masons wearing his UGLE regalia. That is more than enough to encourage the rest of his clandestine buddies and prospective dupes that “John G. Jones Masons,” are regular and recognized.

Another John G. Jones PAST GRAND MASTER, by the name of Tony Muhammad (formerly Tony Hawkins), is good at “friending” Caucasian Masons and getting them to invite him to their tyled meetings. Many “mainstream” Masons are as confused as many are in this group regarding the dichotomy between Prince Hall Masons and the 50-100+ irregular black groups that exist in every U.S. city. They mistake that every black Mason is a “Prince Hall Mason,” and since many of them are actually eager to admit “Prince Hall Masons” to their Lodges, it is easy for a “John G. Jones Mason” to sneak in, under the guise of his being a Prince Hall Mason. Although Mr. Muhammad knows very well that his Grand Lodge is not recognized, he takes advantage of the ignorance of the mainstream brothers, and has collected quite a portfolio of “photo ops” in regular Lodges. These Lodges are always quite embarrassed IF they ever find out what has happened, but Mr. Muhammad relies on the excuse that he was “invited.” Maybe some of you would agree that it was the fault of the Lodges who admitted him, while continuing to excuse his clandestine behavior.

The International Group (IFAMM) like all of the other bogus groups here in the U.S. has their own “Shriners group.” Since they are called the “International Shriners,” it is easy for the public to mistake them with “ for “Shriners International.” The entire world knows that Shriners International is responsible for a network of Shriners Hospitals, where children of all backgrounds can go to and get treatment, regardless of their ability to pay. IFAMM’s website carries the history of “Shriners International,” and represents to the public that THEY administer the Shriners Hospitals, in order to coerce “donations.” We will probably never learn how much money has been donated to IFAMM, with the intention of it reaching the Shriners Hospital, or how many members have joined IFAMM, under the belief that they were joining the same group which runs these hospitals.

Here in New York, there are only two Grand Lodges that are considered “regular,” namely GLNY and the MWPHGLNY. Besides these, there are over 100 irregular groups. Most guys that join these irregular groups have no idea that they are not joining the real thing. If their kids get burned or otherwise sick, they are able to take advantage of Shriners Hospitals just like anyone else, yet in their clandestine groups, they tell their members that GLNY does not serve the black communities. I could give 100 more individual examples of how these groups defraud the public and usurp the honor of the regular Grand Lodges, but I am sure that it would not matter much in this group. Those of you who reside outside of the U.S. think that you can compare IFAMM, JGJ, etc., with the “Grand Orient of France” or even “Le Droit Humane” … you are making fools of yourselves. You are being used by these groups … Now you have given them the idea of branding the regular craft as a “regularity Taliban,” or some kind of “zealots” or “fanatics” regarding our intent to maintain the integrity of our brotherhood.

I am intently waiting to see what value or learning you are able to glean from clandestine Masons, particularly to the extent that you are willing to allow regular Masons who contribute to the benefits that this craft provides to society to leave this group. Thus far, all I have gleaned from them … after dealing with them intently for over three years … is that it does not matter to them how you obtain the ritual … that a brother is a brother, no matter what … but those of us who are in the thick of it know better. Most if not all of these groups have been established by Masons who were EXPELLED from the regular craft, and via the internet and groups like this, they have managed to “back door” their way back into where they are not wanted. They use this group, and take screen shots of the comments you make in support of clandestiny to support their cause.

I will certainly follow the rules of this group regarding these men … but it is a TASK for us regular Masons in the U.S. I will attempt to remain silent until I just HAVE TO speak, for example like when last night, a member of IFAMM stated how his group is recognized all over the world. This is a lie being absorbed by non-members who do not know any better. Via this group, some profane is going to be duped into joining an irregular Lodge, after falling for your suggestion that “there are no clandestine Masons.”

They may avoid the regular craft, under the confusion that we are “elitist.” I can see some profane gravitating to these groups, under the belief that they are some kind of “under dog” group that is being assailed unreasonably. I can see them thinking that the regular groups are too extreme … a Taliban trying to enforce rules … How terrible is that? No, this is not a tyled group, but we are still Masons. Those of you who do not understand us “overly zealous” American Masons will have to bear with us while we adjust to this paradigm where the clandestine are welcome to Masonic conversations. Some of us are trying to respect your wishes and play nice, even though our “way of life” is being disregarded. To us … these men are the thieves of our little sub-society, stealing the honors that the rest of us have rightfully earned. We have to adjust to their being welcomed by our international brethren, which gives them hope and an incentive to continue to “balkanize” our gentle craft.