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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Book of Ruth Study (Chapter 3)

Book of Ruth Study- Questions

Chapter 3 Opening

1. Did you parents ever encourage you to date, or even to marry someone? How did you feel about that?

2. How did (or would) you “pop” the question” (or receive it)?

Chapter 3 Question

1. What instructions does Naomi give to Ruth? (Vv.1-4) What is their goal? In their male-dominated world, how do you account for such boldness?

2. What factors could lead readers to believe a sexual indiscretion took place: (a) Boaz’s hung over condition? (b) The secluded “bed”? (c) Naomi’s instructions? (d) Uncovering Boaz’ “feet” (perhaps a euphemism)? (e) Moabite history (Numbers 25:1)? (f) Current events? (g) Human nature?

3. What factors assure you that, in fact, no sexual encounter took place: (a) “Uncovering Boaz’ feet” was not a sexually forward move, but a way to ensure he’d awake on a cold night? (b) “Spreading the corner of one’s garment” signified a request for marriage and an offer to protect (as in Ezekiel 16:8)?
(c) Ruth’s indisputable moral integrity (v. 11)? (d) The proper deference of Boaz to others, in accord with law of the kinsman-redeemer (v. 13-14)?

4. If found together, who would likely get blamed: Naomi, Ruth, or Boaz (vv.5-6, 14)? Why doesn’t Boaz take advantage of her? Why bless her and consider her proposal (vv. 10-13)?

5. Does this story reflect some kind of romantic love, or a proper sense of duty to an ethical code of conduct? Why?

Chapter 3 Reflection

1. If this love story were made for television, what liberty with the script might the director take to appeal to viewers? How might that obscure the main point? For whom is this story most appealing “as is”?

2. In your circle of friends, what “do’s” and “don’ts” of sexual morality prevail? Which “rules” are the first to be bent or broken?

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