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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Freemasons For Dummies: A Brother's Distress

Freemasons For Dummies: A Brother's Distress: Last night about 9:30, a black man in his 30s was shot by a white police officer during a routine traffic stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Morals and Dogma Study and Opinion: The Ancients and Astrology

Morals and Dogma Study and Opinion: The Ancients and Astrology: Greetings Everyone, and welcome back to our weekly study and opinion of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma. We are continuing om with chapter 25...

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Hedge Mason: Blinded By the Light: Resolving Freemasonry's Prob...

[All too often, I suspect masons have come to experience a freemasonry which is mediocre.]

I cannot recall the number of times in 26 years I have used the word mediocre in connection with Freemasonry... and mediocrity rules the day as Freemasonry is concerned.

When fear, intimidation, and manipulation are utilized by a so-called leader, that is NOT leadership. Freemasonry is a voluntary association often run in the manner an ineffective, selfish CEO runs a business model that refuses to pay a livable wage, exception being that no wages are paid to anyone, neither literal nor symbolic.

[As for creating deep and critical divisions within the craft, do we not have them now?]

Yes, I too have seen the divisions in American Freemasonry over 26 years; divisions that remain in place due to dictatorial, ineffective leaders that seem unable to simply inspire the Craft that has voluntarily given authority to a Grand Lodge charged with managing/ supervising only.

As Bro. John Williams of the Phylaxis Society has stated in a series of articles titled "Masonic Growth", Grand Lodges make Lodges, and Lodges make Masons... Grand Lodges could stand to stay in their lane and allow lodges the room to do more of what they (the lodges) should be doing, namely making and instructing Masons.

And please know that I do realize there is no easy fix, but I do know that failure to learn from and follow Ecclesiastes 12: 1-7 will not produce any positive result.


Raymond Sean Walters

The Hedge Mason: Blinded By the Light: Resolving Freemasonry's Prob...: Freemasonry is gradually wasting away. Only those masons who make the Ostrich Pose part of their Yoga regimen do not recognize this fact...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Random Thought January 30, 2016

This post came about as part of an ongoing writing project after once again experiencing tribal mentality from the first tribe many of us are members of - our family. Our family initially gives us the framework and parameters of acceptable behavior, and what could be described as our moral compass. The tribe establishes who we are, but should not define us as we continue to grow.

As with most families, there are elements of tribes that seek to control, manipulate, and even destroy anything that grows beyond the tribe's ability to control. Banishment eventually becomes the tool used in an effort to shame the uncontrollable member.

I am the banished member of my family in that I refused to allow anyone to control me, my thoughts, or my way of thinking. I notice that those relatives in my generation who still ascribe/ submit to this tribal mentality and thinking seem unhappy, always spreading that unhappiness in every way possible.

One thing have noticed in my life's journey and study of people and their belief systems is that tribal mentality, commonly called "group" think seriously holds many persons back from ever attaining the ability to independently, logically and rationally be able to THINK and/ or REASON.

Tribal mentality is equivalent to first chakra energy and lower level thinking. Religion falls into first chakra energy and tribal mentality, and tribes seek to protect its own members, sometimes to their members own detriment after having controlled their members thinking ability.

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