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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lodge Affiliation attempts for 2013


Due to so many recent questions by readers of this blog regarding my recent attempts to affiliate with a lodge, I AM providing a detailed play-by-play on 2013 petitions to affiliate and their status… just for kicks and giggles, since the question has been have I really tried to find a lodge to affiliate with? 

YES, I have tried continuously and will lists my recent attempts.

2013 Lodge Affiliation attempts

March 2013 
MWPHGL of South Carolina – petition VOIDED, I was told I could NOT affiliate with this Grand Lodge by then Grand Master Curtis Mansel, who was replaced by DGM Lewis Nelson by vote at their Grand Lodge proceeding held in December 2013.

[I will remind readers that I chose to attempt to return my membership to Prince Hall Grand Lodge after repeated attempts by mainstream GL's to box me out from affiliating with one of their GL's despite my being a mainstream member. 

I had even previously attempted to return my mainstream membership to Texas (which issued me a demit in May 2005) and to North Carolina (which issued me a demit in September 2005) for purposes of affiliating with a West Virginia lodge]

September 2013 
Grand Lodge of West Virginia – demit, letter of good standing & petition to affiliate submitted to Wheeling Lodge #5 in Wheeling, West Virginia.  

[I later found out that the petition never even was delivered to the lodge secretary, who was expecting the petition & accompanying paperwork to be hand delivered by a member of that lodge I was acquainted with]

September 2013 
Grand Lodge of West Virginia – demit, letter of good standing & petition to affiliate submitted to Weirton Lodge #171 in Weirton, West Virginia. Petition REJECTED October 2013.

October 2013 
Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania – Demit approved by Grand Lodge of PA, petition for affiliation submitted to Richard Vaux Lodge #454 in Burgettstown, PA. Petition has been read to my understanding but no further action as of yet on it. 

[No investigating committee appointed yet as of this date Jan. 11, 2014 with explanation given by lodge secretary that there are NOT enough members to appoint a committee… SMH. I was informed that the WM of this lodge was to contact me, which hasn't happened yet either... really???]

October 2013 
United Grand Lodge of England – Demit approved, letter of good standing issued by GL of North Carolina, petition for affiliation submitted to Internet Lodge of Research #9659. Vote is pending; vote will be taken in March 2014 at next stated communication of lodge.

This post was to simply show that reasonable efforts and attempts have been made by me to stay in accordance with Masonic Regulations regarding lodge affiliation as stated in Mackey’s Jurisprudence of Freemasonry due to such a wide variation of rules with Grand Lodges in the United States regarding affiliation requirements.

So there you have it straight from the horses mouth, or horses ass depending on which end of the horse you are viewing this writing from.

Once again, I always look toward positive outcomes for negative behavior.


Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man
Twice Raised Freemason
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