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Thursday, January 09, 2014

An Un-Affiliated Freemason

8. And, Lastly, as the non-affiliation is a violation of Masonic law, he may, if he refuses to abandon that condition, be tried and punished for it ,even by expulsion, if deemed necessary and expedient, by any Grand Lodge within whose Jurisdiction he lives.
A Textbook of Masonic Jurisprudence ~ Albert G. Mackey

The only issue I have with this is in cases where an un-affiliated Freemason has been refused the ability to affiliate with any lodge in a given jurisdiction that he may reside because of an un-official official rule that prevents his affiliation based on opinions and views contrary to Masonic principles and possibly Moral Law that ALL Freemasons are obliged to obey (except in America). 

American Freemasonry has been a study in hypocrisy it's entire history... partially due to its inherent racism/elitism/class-ism that is practiced by the minority in control of the country and the so-called "Regular" grand Lodges that practice a doctrine called Exclusive Territorial Jurisdiction that isn't recognized anywhere else. 

My question is what redress is available to any individual Master mason whose rights & privileges are so blatantly violated in such a manner? 

Who does that MM turn to for his grievance to be heard? 

I AM the MM I comment about, and for 8 years I have resided in the State of West Virginia, and my MM rights have been continuously violated by the GL of West Virginia even though I held membership in a "Regular" lodge/ GL that West Virginia is in amity with. 

Grand Lodge of West Virginia refuses to recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodge of West Virginia or any Black man's right to hold Masonic membership and that is their prerogative... the only problem with that view is this; I AM a "Regular" Freemason, having held membership in a "Regular" Grand Lodge who took a demit for the purpose of affiliating in my new state of residence (and issued a certificate of Good Standing by last Grand Lodge), and affiliating is something I have been denied openly, and blatantly in opposition to the rules of Freemasonry. 

There was a discussion to bring Masonic charges against me, but in doing that it would be an acknowledgement of myself, a Black man, of being recognized and considered a "Regular" Freemason, something that someone decided wasn't in the best interest of Grand Lodge of West Virginia's un-offical policy of official racism that is still practiced in their jurisdiction. 

So, while I wait in limbo for a vote in UGLE to affiliate with a lodge in their jurisdiction, I AM still prevented from being able to congregate wherever "Regular" Freemasons are present due to my current status of un-affiliated which is NOT of my own doing or choice. 

And if I must be tried, as the situation with PGM Frank Haas showed, I will most assuredly NOT receive a fair hearing by the Grand Lodge of West Virginia who expelled PGM Haas without a proper trial, and has exerted pressure on other Grand Lodges to do what West Virginia wants even though West Virginia wants NO interference or good counsel from other Grand Lodges.

I decided to post this for your contemplation...


Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man
The Twice Raised Freemason
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