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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Knight’s Templar, Scotland and Mysticism with Hugh Gilbert

The 7 Chakra points are discussed and how the magnetic flows of the earth line up with those points and what planet lines up with that geographical point on the earth.

The names of the town/country of each point is named starting at 09:50 through 11:15; 11:15 through 12:40 he discusses the 8th point at a mountain called Schiehallion, and Adepts would have instinctively known to go there after completion of their studies in the previous seven points.

8- Schiehallion is sometimes described as the centre of Scotland. The justification is that the line of latitude midway between the most northerly and southerly points on the Scottish mainland, and the line of longitude midway between the most easterly and westerly points, intersect very near the summit of Schiehallion.

7- Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland; Saturn
6- Amien, France; Jupiter
5- Notre Dame, France; Mars
4- Chartres, France; Sun
3- Orleans, France; Venus
2- Toulouse, France; Mercury
Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Moon

It is documented that the Knights Templar had cathedrals and training centers built at all these locations, and used them for training new Knights, each Knight spending one year of training at each location.

Geocentric medieval scheme of the seven planets: In the centre "Terra" the earth. 

In the following circles (from centre to periphery) 1) Luna (Moon), 2) Stella Mercuri (Mercury) 3) Venis stella (Venus) 4) Sol (Sun) 5) Martis stella (Mars) 6) Jovis stella (Jupiter) 7) Saturni stella (Saturn) [1162 AD]

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