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Friday, December 18, 2015

The dichotomy of private prisons, education and oppression

I have recently been re-reading Carter G. Woodson's book Miseducation of the Negro. It is creating some different thoughts and views at my present age than I recall having when I was 20+ years younger. 

His comments regarding education touched upon the inadequate education that most Blacks obtain or are provided under the current education system. 

I mention the book as I have long had concerns about the educational system over the years; first from being a former educator (secondary-high school community college) and most recently in observing the inability of recent high school graduates or junior high school students that are inept and lack skills one would expect them to have obtained in their education to graduate high school. 

The comparison I can offer is my observation of many young (and older) Black men who are incarcerated that lack the basic educational skills one would expect them to have - jails are full of poorly educated persons. That didn't strike me as a mistake during the time I spent with those many incarcerated individuals. 

A comment from Monroe Lord Akhenaton (via Facebook):

What we also have to do is stop relying on "proper association". Some only want to build with the church. Some with the mosque. Some with them and never with others. That breeds competition amongst ourselves.

In business, competition always LOSES
 at some point. And not like a lesson in dues or the journey's lessons. Competition by nature is agreeing to winning AND losing.

DOMINATION, however always wins. Now, I'm not trying to conquer the planet. I'm first conquering myself so that I can have the strength to rid myself of so much ingrained BS. Sometimes, it takes a church, mosque, or temple. The endgame should be financial freedom.

I say this because as black people, it's our ONLY PROBLEM. If we're gonna agree to a world where time is traded for dollars, we have to figure out what wastes time, so we can actually work towards actual building.

But I'm not foolish to believe that I don't need money in this world. I NEED MONEY! Billions of not trillions. Can't help the poor of I'm one of them. Once my mind is clear of the employee mentality, what can't I conceptualize with my own funding? And if others have the same levels of money, what can't we achieve?

Pretty soon Into independently collective wealth, the evils of the world will have to face retribution from the empowered.

Get the prison size down to 3000 like in those Nordic countries. And that would be just one of the effects of an empowered mind. Money becoming non-powerful would also soon take place.

Change the culture of living to LIVING, and the need to be destructive, even as a means of expression won't NEED to be a thing......

If I make a huge enough Impact NOW, maybe in 200 years, the tide could shift.
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