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Friday, December 18, 2015

Power of Social Media

It was just brought to my attention in a meeting this morning that certain parties take a dim view of my decision to exercise my 1st Amendment right to free speech on social media... interesting in that the other parties have exercised their right to free speech as well in slandering me personally and having made false allegations lacking some pertinent facts.

The difference between myself & the other parties is that I posted what I know to be factual and true, while the other parties have participated in slanderous accusations.

Legal counsel informs me that free speech means responsibility, and dispensing truthful facts that one can back up to the best of their understanding.

My whole point is to never underestimate the power of social media, be it used for positive or negative propaganda purposes!!!

This last comment is for the person(s) that couldn't wait to share yesterday's post about the hospital... now go ‪#‎RUNTELDAT‬
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