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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

An Ailment of Prince Hall Freemasonry


I will start out by stating that though the title of this article is "An Ailment of Prince Hall Freemasonry", it may contain elements that would be applicable across the board to Freemasonry in general.

In fact, I will attach an additional link to an article written by Bro. Fred Milliken titled "Mainstream Masonry must Police Itself" in the interest of keeping balance to this article. 

The original article appears on Freemason Information, A Web Magazine About Freemasonry and is dated December 23, 2014

Over the years, I have often been asked, or asked by others, "where are the intelligent people?"

I have had many years to give thought to that question. After reading an untold number of books on varying subjects I have arrived at some conclusions in general, and in how this question relates to the Black community at large in America.

My conclusions, which also parallel those of some learned sociologists and psychologists are as follows:

Intelligent people can be found in 

1) Prison 

2) On drugs 

3) Dead

One thing I have learned in my 46 years as a Black man living in America is that education does not guarantee freedom. There are a number of things working against an intelligent person with an education. Social constructs and built-in aristocracies work against intelligence, and those with an education.

I will touch upon the 5 Black Aristocracies that work against the Black community in general, either by design or unknowing complicity. I will allow the reader to arrive at their own conclusions as to which.

Those aristocracies are as follows:


Higher Education

Economic (rich Blacks are not free)


Negro's with Titles

This link connects to a video from which information was pulled for this article

I can now get to the meat of my intended writing. For those of you who pay attention, my comments up to this point may make some sense in how they relate to Prince Hall Freemasonry because these things all relate to the Black community in general, and the conduct of those who make up that community.

Since slavery, Religion has been used to keep slaves under control and pacified by belief fostered in a deity that reportedly indicated that slaves were to obey their earthly masters...

That same school of religious thought is still used today with the same goals and end results. Those goals are to keep a people intellectually, mentally and spiritually oppressed.

Higher education has been used to thwart the betterment of Blacks in this manner. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois had two different approaches on how best to teach, train and educate Blacks.

Washington's approach taught Blacks to learn skills that could be considered blue-collar, while DuBois encouraged intellectual development as a primary means.

While I can appreciate both models, I understand Washington's approach as more needed initially as someone had to be able to physically build the apparatus needed to gain self-sufficiency for Blacks to have their own. This is imperative for any group of people.

In today's world, Blacks in higher education typically are not of benefit to Black students as they help further an agenda that seeks to NOT educate Black students.

If any group of people do NOT control their dollars, they have NO control over their community. There are a number of examples of Black communities doing well, and subsequently destroyed by neighboring whites because they were doing better than white folks. 

Please reference Tulsa, Oklahoma or Rosewood, Florida as two examples of what I speak of.

Public perception can work for you, or against you. Refer back to my previous comment about controlling ones dollars.

This of course is my favorite area to discuss. As a descendant of free Blacks who have played a role in the betterment of the Black community as well as the education of the Black community, I have been provided clear examples of effective methods, and methods that would be better left to the rubbish pile. My ancestors were also instrumental in starting schools that educated Black children, churches for Blacks to worship in and Prince Hall Masonic lodges for Black men to meet in.

I have observed numerous instances of people who only seek titles being resentful of intelligence, fearful of education, envious of others gifts, talents and skills, and very capable of putting together a smear campaign questioning ones suitability when they are really making the case on why they themselves are unsuited for a position or title.

One of my greatest pet-peeves has been those seeking titles or honors but have not placed themselves in a proper position to even be considered. There is an old saying that states, "show me who your friends are, and you show the world who you are". I have found so much truth to that, and frankly, it has been something that greatly annoyed me about the Prince Hall side of Freemasonry, and now irritates me about Freemasonry in general.

I have come to understand that people are people, no matter what race, ethnicity or eye color they may have... we are all people! That is what will make this article relevant to all people, though it was written from a specific perspective.

Once again, I will suggest that one gain what they can from my thoughts, use what you can, and make the world around you better in some way.


Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man
Twice-Raised Freemason

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