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Saturday, August 16, 2014

(from a recent Juniper talk on Engaging a Path)

"We live in an age of the self-proclaimed guru, when any person can write a book, teach a class, or start a Web site that displays spiritual knowledgeable and wisdom. But books, classes and Web sites are not the measure of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. For that we'd have to know if they smile at the busboy, can say "I'm sorry," show grace among those less fortunate, humility before their teachers, generosity when no one is watching, forgiveness when wronged, patience when others falter. Spiritual insight is not about what we say on the stage; it is about who we are when the spotlight stops shining."

Apply this to your life, and what do you really come up with as an end result answer?

Now, take this and apply it to Freemasonry specifically... where do you fit into these words?

I have come to understand why some people (myself included) choose to become hermits... a person comes to prefer peace over chaos!


Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man
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