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Friday, May 09, 2014

Save the Merou Grotto in Lafayette, Indiana

Short Summary

Brother Prophets~!!!  Harken to the Call~!!!  Help is needed.
  • Merou Grotto M.O.V.P.E.R., part of the Grottoes of North America.
  • As many fraternities have aged, so has that of Merou.  But new membership has taken root and more brothers are bringing with it new ideas, new events, new engagement and a much needed new life.
  • Your contributions would enable the new members to purge the remnant problems of the past and push forward to a new future.  Improvements to the facility WILL bring more than just restored hopes, but it will also enable Merou to directly engage our community as we have only just barely been able to restart and do.
  • We are a 501C8 for Tax Purposes and are in Active Status with both the State of Indiana and US Government.

What We Need & What You Get
Some filling for this project :
  • Our current goal is $75,000.  This would accomplish two principle issues.  First (just over half of the goal) would be to purge the damaged tax records of the organization with the county.  The second would enable the Membership Board to improve key service areas making the Merou Grotto safer and more capable (access, restored facilities enabling us to then host other Not-for-Profits and their events, improvement of the Tippecanoe County Scenic ByWay along the Wabash River/North River Road).
  • Perks!  Merou Grotto is part of the Grottoes of North America (, and has been a long vibrant part of Tippecanoe County in Indiana for many years.  We are just starting with our Perks and Rewards, ranging from Collectible Shotglasses (with year of product), to Donations to our Humanitarian Foundation in your name (which are completely tax deductible) and even fully hosted events (especially good if you are in the local/regional area).
  • Funding goes towards (first) the expungement of the current Tax Bill with the County of Indiana, (second) towards the improvements of the facility and member grounds ... if monies are not reached in time, the funds will go towards the Humanitarian Foundation of the Grottoes of North America and other local-to-Greater-Lafayette charities.  The monies will go in that direction because the fraternity will live on and continue to do the work it must!

Making the Impact Count

  • Merou Grotto has served as a respite for many organizations and peoples to have a local getaway from the stresses of daily life.  Over the decades we have played host to collegiate rowing teams, multi-cultural events, fraternal charities, as well as a vast history in the Birthdays, Quinceanera, Anniversaries and of course Weddings and Vows thereof for countless newlyweds.  We are more than just an event venue ... our property is located immediately adjacent to the Wabash River north of the Downtown Core.  The several acres of forest on the hillside serve as homes for Brown Tail Hawks, Brown and Common Owls, fishing bars for Heron and Cranes.  In the past the Fraternity was able to be a joy-filled organization that did many great works.  It is now headed towards it again.
  • Our Future?  How you'd help?  Merou Grotto sits in the middle of the area directly targeted by the goals and projects of the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation.  As such, Merou has served as host for several Grass-Roots community meetings with the WRE Corporation.  We have already started our year with new projects aimed at directly empowering other local agencies to better serve their needs and thusly our community-at-large.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know times are tough, there are other ways to help than pure cash :
  • Please Please Please ... share this campaign with everyone you know.  Even if everyone were to only give a few dollars, but it was spread across a LOT OF PEOPLE ... it would work.  It would all work.
  • Remember folks, Indiegogo share tools!
And that’s all there is to it.

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