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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Current Research Project

I have recently been asked what type of research projects that I AM working on.

While there are several projects underway, I decided to share that one of the papers I am researching and considering writing about is the Cathars, the Albigensian Crusade and the Knight Templar connection to that Languedoc region of southern France where all these events took place and an area that had large population with Gnostic beliefs, even within the Templar ranks, as many KT's were from that region of southern France.

I first put forth a theory several years ago, and came under attack from others in the Masonic community, which I still find interesting to this day.

There was more going on than the commonly accepted theories put forth by other masonic writers on this topic.

I think I view some of the events differently because of my church background and my access to church records. I see connections that a typical masonic writer may not always see concerning persecution from the Catholic Church and later Protestant denominations.

I have provided a link to my publisher CA Publishing for those of you seeking to be published.


As always, make it a good day!

Raymond Sean Walters a/k/a Renaissance Man
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